Paraffin Wax

Histology Waxes Twax-88 Series

Name: Histology Waxes granules
Model: Twax-88 Series
Chemical Composition: Paraffin Wax
1, Practical granulated paraffin wax for wax immersion, embedding and sectioning of tissue samples.
2, High-quality paraffin waxes are compounded with standard polymers by an advanced process.
3, Slices are smooth and can be as thin as 2 μm.
4, The melting point range is from 52°C to 62°C, so you can choose according to your needs.

Product Specifications
Model Appearance Melting Point Package
TWAX-8860 White granules 60-62℃ 1kg/bag 10kg/box
TWAX-8858 White granules 58-60℃ 1kg/bag 10kg/box
TWAX-8856 White granules 56-58℃ 1kg/bag 10kg/box
TWAX-8854 White granules 54-56℃ 1kg/bag 10kg/box
TWAX-8852 White granules 52-54℃ 1kg/bag 10kg/box

Product performance
1. With excellent slicing performance
2. Easy to penetrate, no DMSO
3. No odor, no precipitation
4. Low-temperature freezing without cracking, high-temperature slicing without spreading

1. Please store below 35℃, avoid direct sunlight
2. Paraffin wax caking may occur in high temperature storage, but it does not affect the use


N.N. Engineering Works
Apr 27, 2022
Mar 27, 2022
Interested in histology waxes
K J Patil
Feb 28, 2022
Please i want vhegitable wax
Radha-krishna Kapoor
Feb 26, 2022
I need 5 kg paraffin wax powder
Moataz Ismail
Feb 22, 2022
we are very interested for all product specially for histology and pathology wax we need 10000 KG I am waiting your reply Best regards Moataz Ismail
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