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Modified PTFE Texture Powder L-63

Name: Modified PTFE Texture Powder
Model Number: L-63
Chemical Composition: Modified PTFE

Technical Parameters:

Nature of the Products L-63
Appearance White Powder
Particle Size  μm  
Dv50 7
Dv90 19
Melting Point ℃ 128

Characteristics and Purposes
Ø L-63 a modified PTFE texture powder which is suitable for powder coating.
Ø It has high hardness, good particle shape, uniform and concentrated particle size, and excellent abrasion resistance and dispersing performance.
Ø Be used in powder coating, it can form a anti-abrasion, and good texture effect surface.
Ø L-63 can highly reduce the coefficient of friction, increase the surface smooth and provide excellent hand-feeling.

Addition level and Processing Instructions
Ø Recommended levels: 0.2-1.5%.
Ø The product should be pre-dispersed before mixed with the resin and pigment and then go to disperse.

Packaging and Storage
Ø Paper drum, net weight: 25kg/drum
Ø Heavy pressure on it and strong stirring should be prohibited, so to avoid caking thus lead to bad dispersing.
Ø It is non-dangerous good, please store it away from ignition source and strong oxidants.
Ø To avoid the toxic gas generated by the PTFE when the cigarette burning, smoking should be prohibited.


Miguel Martinez
Sep 29, 2020
Dear team I would like to get refences TDS and MDS , for two products, and prices . like PTFE -0103 and L-63 Thanks for your support Best Regards Miguel PS: for Samples could used our Courier Account
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