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Electret materials

Organic-fluorine Electret Masterbatch and Electret Powder

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Update time : 2020-05-20 16:18:54
The electret materials are widely applied to such field as efficient low-resistance air filtering materials. The air filtering materials of electret require a large density, a long service life and a high stability for the electric charge for material storage. The raw materials of electret shall have superior dielectric properties, such as high bulk resistance and surface resistance, high dielectric breakdown strength, low moisture absorption and air permeability etc.
Model  Type Appearance Size Melting point ℃ Melting index
TF31 Organic-fluorine Electret Powder White Powder 5000-8000    
TF21 Organic-fluorine Electret Masterbatch White Granule   >160 >700

Organic-fluorine Electret Powder
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The organic-fluorine electret powder TF31 dedicated to melt-blowing cloth has extremely high anti-static capacity with uniform micropores, which can increase the electrostatic adsorption capacity of PP and extend the time efficiency for storage of electric charge for 1 year efficiently. It is applicable to the melt-blowing cloth with a filtering efficiency of 95 or 99.

Dosage and use methods
The filtering efficiency can be remarkably improved only by adding 0.05-0.1% organic-fluorine electret powder TF11 in the melt-blowing cloth, to extend the storage time of electric charge. Electret masterbatch can be obtained through compounding of TF11 and the melting index PP. The dosage into masterbatch is 5-10% and organic-fluorine electret powder can be added directly during production of those with a melting index of 1,500 through masterbatch.
1.    Long-lasting static electricity
2.    Rapid charging
3.    Improving filtering indexes
Organic-fluorine Electret Masterbatch
Free Sample: info@waxpi.com
TF-21 dedicated to the melt-blowing cloth is organic electret masterbatch with polypropylene resin featured by a super-high melting index as carrier, which can efficiently improve the non-woven materials’ capacity of storing static charge of the melt-blowing PP. Therefore, the long-term stability of static charge after electret treatment can be significantly improved.

Dosage and use methods
The product is an efficient electret masterbatch and the dosage of around 1-1.5% can realize remarkable effect (0.5-2% is also allowed as per specific process requirements of customers).
1.    Powerful static capacity
2.    Powerful electronegativity
3.    Powerful polarization adaptability

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