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TIANSHI Group's Annual Fun Sports Meeting

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Update time : 2022-12-14 11:01:30
In order to encourage employees to strengthen physical exercise, enhance fitness awareness, and develop a healthy and civilized lifestyle, Tianshi's annual employee fun sports meeting kicked off in December.

Professor Yu Tianshi, the founder of Tianshi, opened the sports meeting passionately, saying that if he could be 40 years younger, he would join everyone in sweating on the field.

The competition includes group events such as skillfully displaying values, skipping rope solitaire, leisurely strolling, rolling in money, and throwing sandbags. All staff groups formed four teams in accordance with Tianshi's corporate values of "customer first, efficient innovation, integrity and responsibility, and shared growth". Teams compete on the same field.

Before the game, the players encouraged each other and actively warmed up for the game. Some of them are veterans who are over half a century old, and some are born after 2000 who just joined the company. They worked hard during the competition, showed their personal style, and even broke out the cohesion of the team. With the whistle of the referee, the atmosphere of the audience was instantly ignited.

Kangaroo Carrying Melon——Participants need to hold a ball between their legs and hold a ball in each hand. They must try their best to prevent the ball from slipping and try their best to catch up with their opponents.

The money is rolling - every step forward requires the team members to use their hands and feet together, keep their feet on the ground, unite and cooperate, and cooperate tacitly. Everyone twists into a rope and works together to reach the finish line.

Throwing sandbags - the team members throw sandbags to the throwing plate placed outside the 3-meter line, and score points according to the throwing area to train hand-eye coordination, quick response ability and judgment ability.

Ingenious display of values - this is also the key project of Tianshi. Everyone will turn all the dark cards into bright cards in the shortest possible time with the values that have been memorized in their hearts.

The team that wins the project has an additional chance to participate in "Rolling Fun" and win cash. The scene of the event was very lively. Through their wonderful performance, the team members felt the joy of sports and competition, and also won rounds of applause from the scene.
 Founder Yu Tianshi presented prizes to the winning team members
Healthy sports, happy life, Tianshi Fun Games show the high-spirited spirit of employees and the fighting spirit of teamwork. Mutual trust has been gained, and the friendship among colleagues has been enhanced. With the joint efforts of everyone, the impossible things have been accomplished beyond expectations, demonstrating the importance of teamwork. Tianshi partners will overcome difficulties in the work in 2023 with more active enthusiasm and stronger physique, and create a bright future for Tianshi together.
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